About Me


Thank you for being interested in me and my work. It is not even easy to speak about oneself. I hope my Curriculum Vitae is well doing this job for me. As you can see there I am a person with a logical mind. Therefore I like to work in engineering and computer science.

Learning is an importent aspect in my life. Whole life time learning is not a phrase for me only. I am always looking for a job which me get´s further in knowledge and skills. If you are interested in what i have learned so far please take a look over my pubilcations list.

Futhermore I love art and design. So I am enjoying to work together with designers at the Ideenformer network. If you are looking for creative solutions in rich media or corperative design please check this.

As a counterpart to my work, I enjoy to make house music as a DJ. In 1999 I released my first record (made of Vinyl!). If you would like to see a brief history about my musical career, please click here.